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            Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives BEIJING
            Affected by the epidemic situation IAMD BEIJING closed in 2020

            For this year's exhibition

            Affected by the epidemic situation
            IAMD BEIJING closed in 2020



            Suspension Notice of IAMD BEIJING 2020

            In response to the needs for pneumonia epidemic control of novel coronavirus infection, Beijing Municipal People's Government has initiated the first-level response mechanism ……Read more

            Manufacturing's long journey from analog to digital

            Some small fabrication shops struggle to use digital technologies to fullest extentDigital technologies are all around us, probably more so than most of us know, and with each passing day, manufacturers……Read more


            A new driver to new manufacturing, IAMD BEIJING 2018 rounded off successfully

            The three-day industrial automation event in Northern China -- IAMD BEIJING was packed full of exhibitors that present their ... Read more

            Automation Technologies



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